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become share broker - devika07 - 12-10-2021

How to become share broker - stock broker in India?
I want to start my career as a broker .

RE: become share broker - goneshmaity - 15-10-2021

A stock advisor is someone who has expertise in financial advisory and investment management services. They help you to participate in the Stock Market. They provide financial advice, guidance, and suggestions as per the current financial situations of clients. They even consider their financial needs and requirements. For that, they charge you fees.

A stock advisor is known by various names. These are—

financial consultant
Trading representative
Investment broker
Investment adviser
Financial adviser
Wealth manager
Investment professional
Regulated broker
Investment adviser

If you are thinking about how to become a share broker, you must approach IIFL Securities, a full-time service broker. They can help you start your career as a broker with a simple process.

Here are the simple steps to become a financial advisor on IIFL Securities-

Step 1- Visit the IIFL Securities website.
Step 2- Fill up the form available at the top of the page
Step 3- Submit the required documents.
Step 4- Go through the “in-person verification.” It can be online or offline.
Step 5- Get access to start as a share market advisor.

Working as a stock market advisory on IIFL Securities, you can earn a high revenue of upto 70% brokerage share along with various exclusive benefits.