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Which is the best firm in India to invest in digital gold
Digital gold is a technology driven, new way of investing in gold. Digital gold investments are on the rise. They provide an easy way to invest in 24K pure gold, and investors are showing great interest in them. There are a lot of firms facilitating investments in digital gold. They allow investors to buy it as per their needs and budget one is comfortable with. There are no limits as such to buy digital gold. They prioritise safety very much so you can be assured of your investments. Getting a delivery of digital gold in the form of physical gold is easy and fast too. You just need to place an order with the firm. One of the best firms providing facilities for investing in digital gold is Safegold which is available on IIFL Securities platform They excel in the digital gold services. With Safegold you can invest starting at an amount of Rs.10 . Their Online services allow you to sell your gold anytime and get the money directly into your bank account. They also offer 24K coins and bars delivered at your doorstep. All the services of Safegold are available on IIFL Securities making it convenient for you.

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