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Kotak Securities Review 2019
Kotak Securities Limited (KS) established in 1994, is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited a renowned private-sector bank headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is currently one of India’s largest brokerage and distribution houses in India. As a stock broking company, Kotak Securities brings to you more than 25 years of experience in serving a diverse customer base of retail and institutional investors.
Kotak Securities along with online trading offers various secondary market broking services, such as cash equity, equity and currency derivative, mutual fund, initial public offering, exchange trading fund, bond, gold exchange trading fund, stock lending and borrowing mechanism, and future.
[b]Why invest with Kotak Securities?[/b]
Kotak Securities is the first broking house to launch mobile stock trading app which helps the investors to keep a track of their investments. Also, it begun the facility of margin finance for online stock trading. Along with the above it has also pioneered investment in IPO and mutual funds over the phone and sending SMS alerts before execution of depository transactions.
Kotak Securities has been awarded
  • Broker of the Year (India) – The Asian Banker’s Financial Markets Business Achievement Awards 2014

  • Top Performer in New Accounts Opened (Non-Bank Category) – NSDL Star Performers Award 2013

  • Fastest growing Equity Broking House by BSE IPF – D&B Equity Broking Awards for the year 2012

  • The Best Equity House in India by Finance Asia for the year 2012 to name a few
Kotak Securities Online Trading Platforms
Kotak Securities is well advanced on the technical front which is because they have invested heavily in technology. They offer 6 platforms to their customers
  • Website Trading – It allows traders/investors to trade/invest via Kotak Securities official website – .
  • KEAT Pro X (Desktop Trading Terminal) – A full-fledged stock trading platform of Kotak Securities which provides up to date account information so that you can keep tabs on the performance of your portfolio. You can also get real time  stock recommendations, Live streaming of stock market data, create watchlists and allows you to trade at a very high speed. Watch Demo
  • FastLane (Java Based Applet) – Customers can trade online, access your portfolio and watchlists through our light Java based applet called FastLane. Watch Demo
  • StockTrader (Mobile App) – It enables the customers to access the stock market right from your mobile handset. Using Fastlane you can check your open positions, look at the status of the funds in your account and also view company reports and stock recommendations, execute trades, monitor portfolio, and access Intraday charts. Watch Demo
  • Call & Trade – For those customers who are not internet savvy can place the order over call to buy and sell equity assets like stocks, mutual funds, derivatives, IPOs, etc.
  • Xtralite – This is extra light, super fast trading website useful for customers have a slow internet connection or people who are trading from remote locations with limited internet connection.
  • Trade Smart Derivatives – This application has been made to simplify derivatives trading which offers customized trading strategies and also helps in spotting unusual market activities from thousands of contracts.
  • Trade Smart Insights – Trade Smart Insight provides you with news, streams, recommendations and ratings for stocks from all over the world.
  • Trade Smart Trends – You can understand the underlying trend causing the market to move in bullish and bearish directions using this application helping you place better trades and make more profit.
Types of Accounts
This facility lets a customer grow their wealth by investing in a fixed number of stocks or fixed amount of money at regular/fixed intervals in stocks and MFs. This can be considered as an alternative to mutual fund SIPs where you can invest only in Mutual funds but with the Auto Invest feature you can invest in stocks and Mutual funds in an SIP format.
Benefits of AutoInvest:
  • You can now easily invest in equities using SIPs.

  • Invest in markets with a single instruction

  • You can invest fixed amount every month

  • AutoInvest also ensures the power of compounding works in your favor by regularly reinvesting
Trinity Account [3-in-1 account]:
Trinity account is a seamless investment platform that integrates a savings account, a demat account and an online trading account into one great service.
Benefits of having a 3-in-1 account:
  • Seamless, hassle free trading

  • Multiple accounts to trade from

  • Margin against securities

  • Trading even after market hours

  • Extensive research options to guide your investment decisions
Demat account
A dematerialized or demat account is a facility that allows customers to hold shares in an electronic format. You need a demat account before you start to trade on India’s stock exchanges.
Benefits of having a demat account:
  • Three-in-one account: Your equity, demat and trading account linked to each other all in one place.

  • Free Intraday Trading – No brokerage for intraday traders.

  • Margin Facility – Borrow money to trade in shares which look tempting to you when you don’t have the money to buy them.

  • Stock Trading mobile App: Get free access to Kotak’s mobile app for trading .

  • Stock Research Reports: Get free research reports daily from Kotak’s top analysts.
[Image: Kotak-Demat.jpg]
Kotak Demat Opening Process
2-in-1 account:
This account gives you the dual benefit of a share trading account and a demat account rolled into one.
Benefits of having a 2-in-1 account:
  • Choose your own Bank account and Brokerage plans

  • High levels of encryption providing a secure trading environment

  • Large volume trading with Super multiple feature which provides exposure of more than 14 times the margin on a single trading day.

  • After market orders option allows you to trade [b]24 x 7 x 365 days[/b]

  • Trade online using KEAT Pro X- a high speed trading software that allows you to trade and monitor your portfolio

  • Call and trade facility available for those without access to apps

  • Kotak Stock Trader Trade on the Move-through our FREE stock trading App Stock Trading App

  • Access to best in class stock market research and analysis through Easy Equity reports and Easy Mutual Fund reports.
Equity trading account
When you trade on the stock markets, you are securing your financial well-being. Equity trading account allows you to invest in equity, initial public offerings or IPOs, mutual funds, equity and currency derivatives instruments.
Benefits of having an Equity Trading Account:
  • Integrated platform: You need not open different accounts to trade in various securities. Kotak’s trading account will let you do just that.

  • Multiple media: Through the equity trading account, you can place orders not just in person through a broker, but also online or on the phone.

  • Expert analysis: Kotak Securities’ analyst team regularly publishes reports on the economy, select industries and companies that help you make informed investment decisions.

  • Alerts: Kotak Securities regularly sends you research advice as well as market alerts through SMSes.
[b]Linked account[/b]
A linked account is essentially, a 3-in-1 trading account that links your existing savings and demat account with the partner bank and trading account at Kotak Securities.
Benefits of a Linked Account:
  • 3-in-1 account

  • Low brokerage

  • Secure Trading

  • Margin against Securities

  • After market orders
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