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RK Global Review: 2019
RK Global, a Mumbai-based discount broker, is one of the fastest-growing share and commodity broking companies. Established in 1995, the organization launched its retail broking business in 2004 and has a pan India presence.
The broker offers its services under several brokerage plans and with both web- and desktop-based applications.
One can trade across multiple segments including Equities, Currency, Derivatives, Commodities, IPO Distribution, Mutual Funds, Depository, and others. The discount broker is known to offer compelling pricing plans and strong customer support.
[b]Trading Platforms Offered by RK Global[/b]
Catering to traders in more than 150 cities through business associates, RK Global operates through online mode only and has no physical presence. Trading platforms offered by the broker as detailed below:
[b]RK DIET ODIN[/b] 
A conventional trading terminal, Odin Diet comes as downloadable and installable software from RK Global. This 10x setup high-speed software comes equipped with a number of features to make things easier for traders.
[Image: hSLIjs_IQyQQn4REj_RmVm2Gt-T-LLiU0kuBn6ML...sWmPqNzZC3]Diet Odin Platform
  • Live streaming quotes

  • Historical and continuous charts with 63 technical indicators

  • Integrated market watch and alert facility

  • Real-time technical analysis with an option to export data in excel sheet format

  • Integrated support for 25+ banks for online funds transfer

  • Heatmaps and other features for easy and fast understanding
[b]RK Mobile Trading App[/b] 
For traders on the move, the discount broker comes with iWIN, a mobile app based on the desktop software. Traders can use the app for trading across various segments including BSE, NSE, MCX, and MCX-SX. 
[Image: LtfhMIwlkiJVzOIyl6srJs4fzUS8sPu11emQCd4l...HC_qkCrSXl]RK Global Mobile Trading App
Though trading through this mobile app might get cumbersome, it tries to deliver a smooth experience with features like:
  •  Live streaming of news and quotes

  •  Integrated functionality for market watch
 If you are interested in downloading this app click here
[b]RKG Net.Net[/b] 
A trading website from the broker, RKG Net.Net makes the whole process easier, faster, and accessible from anywhere using a web browser and internet. The website offers a similar set of features as that offered by the desktop terminal.
[b]RKG Mobile Trading App[/b]
Another app for traders registered with RK Global, RKG Mobile Trading App comes from NSE NOW.
  • Supports Android v2.2 and higher

  • Supports iOS v4 and higher

  • Supports Blackberry OS

  • Allows trading in multiple segments (NSE Cash, Currency, and F&O)
Web-based and internet trading systems allow trading in NSE segment only. However, traders willing to invest in BSE need to use any of the trading platforms provided by the broker.
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