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Why MSEI unlisted share not go for IPO
I wonder why metropolitan Stock Exchange ,MSEI. unlisted shares not go for IPO?
please read the conditions to go for IPO, I believe this could be the reasons 

these are available at IEPF website govt of India

Eligibility norms for making an IPO

SEBI has stipulated the eligibility norms for companies planning an IPO which are as follows:
Entry Norm I (Profitability Route)
a) Net tangible assets of at least Rs. 3 crore in each of the preceding three full years of which not more than 50% are held in monetary assets. However, the limit of 50% on monetary assets shall not be applicable in case the public offer is made entirely through offer for sale.
b) Minimum of Rs. 15 crore as average pre-tax operating profit in at least three years of the immediately preceding five years.
c) Net worth of at least Rs. 1 crore in each of the preceding three full years.
d) If there has been a change in the company’s name, at least 50% of the revenue for preceding one year should be from the new activity denoted by the new name
e) The issue size should not exceed 5 times the pre-issue net worth

also check MSEI profit report
astha profit screenshot
fyers profit screenshot

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