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Demat and Trading Account?
Who can apply for a Demat and Trading Account?
For opening a Demat and trading account in India, you should fulfil the mentioned eligibility criteria-
1. A resident of India and above 18 years old
2. Have a valid address proof such as Voter's ID or Drivers license
3. Have valid identity proof such as a PAN card and Aadhar card
4. Also, have income proof and bank statements for the last 6 months.
For opening a Demat and trading account, visit Kotak Securities
 A Demat account allows you to hold your shares and other securities digitally. It makes the buying and selling process easy. It will help you convert your Physical Securities into electronic forms that will be easy to maintain. You can Dematerialization & Rematerialisation of Securities and other Corporate Benefits. The SEBI has made it mandatory to open Demat accounts who want to invest in the Share Market.
There are different types of Demat accounts available in India.
A Regular account is available for those investors who belong to India and are trading from India.
A Repatriable account is available for NRIs. It allows you to transfer funds abroad.
A NON-Repatriable account is available for NRIs in which they are not allowed to transfer their funds.
At present, there are different types of Demat accounts available to choose from as per one’s financial requirements. Nowadays, the Government and Private banks other than Stockbrokers also provide Demat account facilities.
A trading account is generally used to trade in the market. This account will allow you to buy or sell the share and the securities in the market hour. It is also known as an investment account. This account needs all your personal identification information and has a minimum margin requirement set by FINRA. FINRA stands for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This is a private American corporation that acts as a self-regulatory organization (SRO). FINRA regulates the member brokerage and the exchange markets.

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