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gold or fixed deposits?
Which is better for investment, gold or fixed deposits?
(28-02-2022, 06:39 PM)patilsuraj Wrote: Which is better for investment, gold or fixed deposits?
A fixed deposit, or 'FD', is a kind of investment that ensures the monetary benefactor a fixed speed of interest. But the problem with FD is you have a lock period and if you withdraw your money before the maturity time, you may have to pay some penalty. Exactly when you open a fixed deposit account, you have the decision to pick a
At the point when you need cash at a more limited time, then, at that point, both gold loan and the FD come helpful as both have different pros and cons.
The procedure of gold loans differs starting with one bank then onto the next. The possibility of a gold loan is basic; you vow your gold articles and get the advance money in your account. To do as such, you visit a gold loan firm with the gold you need to vow and the necessary Documents.
The lender performs gold purity checks and decides its weight based on which it assesses its reasonable worth and offers a loan according to it. Gold loans can be authorized up to 80 percent of the determined worth of the declared gold. When the worth of the swore gold is assessed, the gold is checked. Furthermore, when everything appears to be acceptable and promising from your moneylender, it can complete your financial needs.
Fixed deposits are a good option for short-term goals like a child's schooling because they provide assured returns and the interest rate is fixed for the whole time.

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